Christian Personality Assessment

The Christian DISC assessment is made up of 32 simple questions. 

The answers are compiled by the computer program to identify, by percentage, the person’s major, minor, etc. personality types from the four styles: Dominant, Influencing, Steady, & Compliant. 

These percentages help a person comprehend how the personality styles can work within themselves, and in relation to other important people in their lives.

Hippocrates originally divided temperaments into four groups, relating them to the medical field: Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, and Melancholic. 

However, years later these were reformulated by psychologists, who created the DISC model.

The assessment will give an overview of the strengths and growth areas of a person’s profile, and also identify extroverted, introverted, people-related or task-related polarized traits of a personality, and an area defined as a base emotion that they gravitate toward.

Utilizing this report in conjunction with a Christian counselor or therapist can help people see how the gifts, talents, and abilities God created them with (their temperament) “combines with the character insights from the Bible. 

By understanding one’s temperament, a person can not only learn more about their natural strengths, by also address common character growth areas with wisdom from God’s word” 

(Tres Adames, author, Arizona Christian Counseling).